lundi 5 novembre 2012

Les Grands Columbias du Peuple & Stanley Murphy "Dans kelogbe" (Alabi LAL LP 79 / 1980)

Réminiscences highlife, transes rythmiques, omniprésence des percussions et guitares entêtantes, c'est un Stanley Murphy grand cru! Il est accompagné ici par les Grands Columbias du Peuple, groupe auteur de plusieurs albums notamment avec Okoi Seka Athanase.

A1 - Kelogbe A2 - Bacon cimetiere B1 - Gni gbacha B2 - Adua wo choun che

2 commentaires:

  1. Formidable! Reminds me of Ahouanou Jazz. Perhaps some of the same Cote d'Ivoire musicians are involved? I might never have heard this otherwise, so THANKS.

    1. Thanks ! Hard to know the credits on african records, but this group comes from Adzope, in the south east of Ivory Coast, and Appia Morroh comes from Arrah in the same region... I think you can hear the same highlife influences in the music of these two musicians. We'll post another Stanley Murphy LP soon.